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Deceased Suppression Service

The success of your business depends as much on the professional approach you take towards your customers as on the loyalty you try to get in return from your customers. In fact, it is the humanitarian side of your company that earns you customer loyalty.

As a business owner, with hundreds or perhaps thousands of people in your customer base, you cannot keep track of every one of your clients personally. So, in the sad and tragic case of the demise of one of your clients, there is no way you can know about it.

In this case, sending marketing mails or communication to the deceased client could be a PR nightmare for your firm. DES Data Cleansing Services can help you avoid this kind of uncomfortable and embarrassing situation. Our deceased suppression service ensures that deceased people are removed from your mailing list.

Why is our deceased suppression service crucial for your business?

Our deceased suppression service helps you avoid a PR disaster. You don't want to come across as an insensitive company that does not keep track of its clientele.

Also, you save on communication expenses. For instance, you don't have to mail a deceased person and can save on postage, brochure or courier expenses. It also saves your resources and productive time.

Analysing the response to your marketing campaigns in particular and business in general is much more accurate. Since deceased clients are removed from your database, you can evaluate how the active clients respond, and can alter your marketing strategies accordingly.

Finally, you don't have to face the wrath of angry relatives.

How does our deceased suppression service work?

In order to ensure that our deceased suppression service is accurate, we check four files when we audit your database.

  • The Bereavement Register (TBR)
  • Mortascreen
  • disConnect - The Equifax Deceased File
  • Mailing Preference Service Deceased File

These databases are continuously updated with information of deceased individuals and include cards directly filled out by relatives at funeral parlours and death certificate registers. When you hire us, we scan your customer database, match it with ours and suppress any name in your list that matches with our deceased list.

Hire our deceased suppression service and let us clean up your database.

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