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De-duplication Services

Every business, unconsciously and unintentionally, incurs some unnecessary expenses that bite into its profits. If you can identify the sources of these expenses, you can reduce wastage of recourses significantly and hence, increase your productivity as well as profits. DES Computer Services can help you reduce certain unnecessary expenditure of resources with its de-duplication services.

What is de-duplication?

De-duplication refers to repetitive data that is present in your database. Usually, when customer records are updated, the old entries are not deleted from your files. This leads to duplication of data, which means that information about the same customer is stored multiple times.

Sometimes, two or more people from the same home could be your customers. In such cases, sending one mail addressed to the family does the job, rather than sending multiple mails to the same address. With de-duplication services, we identify such repetitive data and remove them from your database.

Benefits of our de-duplication service

  • Avoid sending mails to incorrect addresses
  • You save marketing expenses, resources, stationary, effort and productive time
  • You don't irk people by sending them repeated mails
  • Save space in your database and reduce maintenance requirements
  • Save backup space and time
  • Data migration is quicker
  • Data recovery is faster and more efficient
  • Speed of service increases
  • You improve the efficiency of CRM
  • You receive higher returns on your expenses

In short, the quality of service that you offer improves. Your brand image improves. You can establish yourself as an efficient and responsible company, which in turn translates into higher customer acquisition, better customer retention and robust customer loyalty.

How we work

At DES Computer Services, we scan your database thoroughly and use advanced data matching techniques to identify addresses and other customer details that are duplicated, redundant or no longer applicable. In doing so, we ensure that a prospect is not targeted repeatedly during a campaign and that your mail does not reach the wrong address.

We flag and archive duplicate data into a separate file. Depending on your requirement, you can either delete the file or use the information for some other purpose. We guarantee up to 90 percent accuracy of service.

We offer de-duplication both as an independent service as well as a part of our comprehensive data cleansing service that includes Address Enhancement, Deceased Suppression, Goneaway Suppression and others.

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