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Goneaway Suppression Service

Mailing is a part of every promotion and publicity campaign. As a business owner, you spend a lot of time collecting addresses and location details of your customers so that you can send regular mailouts and keep in touch with them. However, your customers do not stay in the same place forever. They naturally move away to different places because of professional or personal demands. Goneaway suppression offered by DES Data Cleansing Services can help your business save resources, time, effort and money.

Why is our goneaway suppression service important?

The importance of goneaway suppression cannot be underestimated. Recent surveys in the United Kingdom have shown that every year, 12.2% of people move home and around 30% of businesses move to a different location. It is important that you understand the implications of these statistics on your business.

Sending mailouts to an address where your target customer no longer resides can damage your brand image, in addition to wasting your resources. It reflects the unprofessionalism of your business. The new residents at the address can be annoyed when they receive correspondence meant for someone else. So, you might lose a prospective customer. Your brand image suffers. Your mail marketing campaign also suffers.

With our goneaway suppression services, you can avoid all such problems.

What we do

Essentially, we remove outdated addresses from your mailing list. In order to ensure the accuracy of our goneaway suppression, we crosscheck details with different sources. Our main sources are:

  • GAS - Gone away Suppression File contains details from various customer bases as well as the electoral roll.
  • NCOA - National Change of Address file which contains around 4.8 million updated and verified addresses.
  • reConnect and disConnect file - This source offers change of address as well as forwarding addresses of around 40 million people.

We also verify addresses against XPression files.

What do we offer?

Our goneaway suppression services include:

  • Identifying address changes and removing outdated addresses from your list
  • Identifying new residents in the addresses of goneaways which can be provided which you can use for marketing purposes
  • Tracking forwarding addresses of goneaways and providing the latest residence information about your customers
  • Regularly updating your database with the most up-to date customer address

We aim for accuracy and achieve it

With so many people moving homes and offices every day, accuracy of tracking goneaways can be a challenge. However, we have perfected our goneaway suppression service and provide a high level of accuracy.

Ensure that your brand retains its image as a professional and responsible company.

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