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Postcode and Address Enhancement (PAF)

PAF Address Enhancement Services

Keeping in touch with your customers through mail is one of the crucial elements of your marketing campaign. However, the effectiveness of this activity is based on one basic fact - the mail needs to reach the customer within a specific time frame. If it does not, your entire mail campaign falls down.

Unfortunately, this happens to a lot of businesses because mails are lost, incorrectly delivered or delivered late, mainly due to wrong addresses. With our PAF address enhancement, Data Cleansing Services can ensure this does not happen to your business.

How we ensure the success of your mail campaign

With our postal address file enhancement service, we verify the addresses in your database for accuracy. We correct, append and enhance your address list. In order to achieve this level of precision, we use the most reliable address database available - The Royal Mail Postal Address File.

PAF, holds over 28 million addresses. The number is steadily increasing since the file is updated on a quarterly basis.

Here is how our PAF address enhancement service helps with conversions and delivers a high ROI on your mail campaign.

  • Your mail reaches the correct address
  • The brand image of your business is upheld
  • You save time, money, effort and other resources that are spent on mailing to wrong addresses

Why PAF address enhancement is important

Accurate addresses ensure that your mail reaches the person whom it is meant to reach. In addition, when the postal code is formatted correctly, your mail reaches your customer faster.

In addition to PAF, we also offer other data cleansing services for your mailing list. This includes removing addresses of deceased and goneaway records and providing the latest information about those who have moved address with our mover service.

With our comprehensive services, your mail campaign performs exactly as it is expected to perform. Your business builds strong public relations and the brand value of your company increases.

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